George Bush is at the ready to advance $7.5 a billion dollars to shield the US from a bug that presently poses no risk and has so far killed no Americans, and only 62 those collective. Meanwhile, Bill Gates, some maligned by the media and internet geeks, is expenses complete $258 million in investigating toward Malaria, a malady which kills 1.2 million all time period.

Of the $258 a million that Mr. Gates is spending, $107 million will go towards accelerating the change for the better of a Malaria vaccinum. The superimposed means could pb to the evolution of a vaccinum within 6 old age. Experts estimation that a malaria vaccinum will cut the number of Malaria deaths in fractional. In another words, it will amass 600,000 lives a year, maximum of them brood.

Bill Gates is quoted in the Washington Post:

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"It's really a calamity that the international has through with so minute to restrict this unwellness that kills 2,000 African brood all day," Gates said in a meeting send for with reporters. "If those children were in prosperous countries, we'd have headlines, we'd proceeds action, and we wouldn't remnants until all juvenile was watched over."

Exactly right, Mr. Gates. So why would we spend $7.5 billion to conflict a disease that maybe, someday, sorta, could imaginably change state a pandemic that will, at its worst, do no more than reduce to rubble in entire than Malaria does every lone year? Why would we not pass a branch of that ready money to set free 600,000 children every year? Some Liberal pundits would cry preconception or classism, but that statement is too flippant. The unadulterated statement is: The Media.

Quite simply, nearby is a media fury in the region of the Bird Flu, and at hand isn't a media craze in circles Malaria. Even the body of the world are supersensitized to force by the media, and they will put in their time, resources, and exchange fighting sensed terrorization piece ignoring real, but hidden, coercion.

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So why is the media doing this? why is there more amount of the Bird Flu, which has just killed 62 people, than in that was of the geological phenomenon in Pakistan, which killed tens of thousands? Because madness sells. Alarmism sells. The sole point that sells much media screening case than a disaster, is a blow that hasn't happened yet.

There is prospect. Eventually, population will tyre of quick-eared roughly the Bird Flu, and in 6 months you won't comprehend a parp nearly it. The Bird Flu will go the way of Anthrax letters, Ebola virus, carnivorous bacteria, and a adult of else learned profession disasters that ne'er fairly managed to evident.

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