Q. What is the design of the Greek Island titled Amorgos?

A. The emblem of Amorgos solid ground is the Monastery of Hozoviotissa.

Q. Why should a Monastery go the figure of this island?

A. The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is an amazing creating from raw materials wedged
into a large overhang at 300m from the sea. It is first sufficient to turn an emblem.

Q. What different weather add up to the comeliness of this Monastery?

A The spot is delimited by considerable cliffs, region trees and several
Wonderful beaches roofed next to forfeit springy dirt.

Q. How can we get to Amorgos Island?

A. You can get to Amorgos Island by ferries from Piraeus.You will
Then arrive to the small port of Aegiali located in the northeast of the coral reef.

Q .Is Piraeus the solely wharf to leave to go to Amorgos Island?

A. Piraeus near Athens is not the single stand to go out. You can also depart from an other Greek atoll.

Q. Does it mean that we can wander from one land to an other?

A. In respective case, yes .You have to affirm next to the agents in working condition in the offices at the ports.

Q. How lots ports does Amorgos coral isle have?

A. Amorgos land mass has two ports:
Aegiali set in the northeast of the isle.
Katopola placed in the southwest of the island.

Q. Does Amorgos land mass have a central port?

A. Katapola is the centralized port.

Q. Does Katapola have any attractions for a visitor?

A. Katapola is an wonderful prize for those who resembling to walk once
That it is littler. This elfin town has blueish and albescent represented
Little houses, achromatic windmills....The lilliputian houses pane the
Narrow streets prevailing you to a pleasing Venetian residence.

Q. What is the foremost municipality in Amorgos terra firma in Greece?

A. The key town is called HORA.

Q. What attractions does HORA have for a tourist?

A. The infinitesimal municipality offers excellent imagery carrying a tourist
Into a moony environment of different era .Its streets
Are shrink...they exterior like-minded a labyrinth...HORA is
Located in the hall fourth (the KASTRO).

Q. Where is Amorgos Island positioned in Greece?

A. The Island of Amorgos in Greece is placed in the Cyclades Islands
Near the Dodecanese.

Q. What is the people of Amorgos Island in Greece?

A. Amorgos Island has a people of 2000 people aware on
A phony of 121 km. The littoral scope is promulgate on 112 km endless.

Q. Is Amorgos atoll the small atoll in the Cyclades Island in Greece?

A. No...the land of Amorgos is the 7th large atoll in the Cyclades.

Q. Is nearby a remarkable AREA CODE to telephone call Amorgos Island?

A. If causal agent requests to telephony to Amorgos Island in Greece, he has to face the
International Greek belief the Amorgos Island codification. It is suggested to
Verify beside your provincial operator what is the written language from your countryside.

Q. What operative receiver book of numbers could we bring up to for Amorgos Island.?

A. Here are one profitable telephone set numbers in Amargos coral isle in Greece:
Automatic dialing attitude = 0285 , Police = 71210 , Commune Office = 71257 ,
Port Authority ( Katapola ) = 71259

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