If we understand the residence 'psychotherapy' we will see that it plainly finances the 'healing of the soul'. Much of ardent offend is in actuality a magical problem, where on earth an private has lost objective and hope. In today's society, we have missing peek of spiritual belief and heaps have in go around decided to revolve to the theological virtue of bio-psychiatry.

Bio-psychiatry has a creed, the belief is that all worries of time are the repercussion of questionable chemical imbalances. Any white-collar or individualist hard specified thought is branded a religious outcast and subject to endorsement.

The head-shrinker is the priest, and in numerous cases is too looked upon as a savior illustration. As the priest, the psychiatrist defines the Social Law and the infractions therefrom.

The holiness of bio-psychiatry has its 'sacraments.' The sacrament of observance occurs at intake, and authentication occurs once the personal is indoctrinated into the credo of bio-psychiatry and led to recognize that their teething troubles lie in 'wiring' snags in their intelligence.

The theological virtue of medicine has status. Through their ritual, adults and institutions are competent to be whole cleared from winning any what you have to do for school assembly the echt electric wants of a organism or examining how their own schedule and choices could have wedged the challenges moon-faced by the not public.

Ordination occurs at the conferring of the Medical Degree and the pass completion of a residence in psychopathology.

The spirituality of bio-psychiatry has the 'sacrament' of Matrimony. Bio-Psychiatry is married to the pharmaceutical industry, and what a unselfish dowery the pharmaceutic commercial enterprise has provided!

The American Psychiatric Association serves as the "Ecumenical Council" to proclaim the ism of bio-psychiatry and to institute the definitions of the Social Law and the infractions therefrom.

The Bible of bio-psychiatry is the DSM-IV.

The Deity is the gigantic ego of the bio-psychiatrists themselves.

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