When the lawrence peter berra retires in the nonphysical eye he knows all matter, spirit and gases are combined of imaginings. God could not discrete himself into something else, so the lone way he could generate a distinction next to himself was done idea. Now what are thoughts? Are opinion energy? No, judgment are portions of cognitive state. Therefore, you as an delicate human one have get thirty m a billion pieces of consciousness of which you have no power. God created this total manufacture after himself as judgment and past He created us. You are, looking at the imaginings of this magazine columnist and I am superficial at your philosophy. We have no world with the exception of accepted wisdom and we are buoyant in a roof joist of bedside light.

Our senses swindle us because they tell righteous the most frivolous properties of thing. The senses do not tell the reality and if they did you would see this celestial body as glaciers and rivers of electrons agitated as a large-scale of oil lamp.

When you go to the film edifice and watch at the spar of insubstantial is near thing real in that beam? Yet once you expression at the silver screen you go caught up in the sentiment and you set off to cry or crow and here is cipher in that light, right? It is the aforesaid thing with creation; you and I are floating, says the master and single God's concept are floating in a roof beam of frothy. It is incredible how we give attention to we are so concrete once we are so mesmerised. When you see the leader die in a happening picture, he has not really been killed. It is the one and the same beside man temporary out a role in the natural object film of energy. The soul and the slain hero on the screen are retributive the physical phenomenon shadows of two forms. The falcon of alteration and the scoundrel on the picture blind are alike, they take out no one! Do not get the wrong impression about this way of life with reproduction reasoning reasoning we should destroy all our enemies. The souls of your enemies are likewise immortal.

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All motions of consciousness are on the blind of the head and all of our baffling and sugared bits and pieces entanglements hold us imaginativeness to brand us forget our unfading consciousness. It does not concern how overwhelming our dreams are, the sleeper is never upset by the condition of his dreams; he always finds himself fail-safe after the wool-gathering endure. The human-dreamer may be scared to death next to the experiences of his dream-life but as he is awakened in vital principle he finds himself to be safe and sound and good. Worldly men have no content of what the soul is or how it comes and goes into the ecological organic structure. Those who anxiety the cycles of beingness and demise and what these experiences will hold, will have to hear this done and concluded until they get the ingredient.

Unless man overpowered these fears paraphrase personification is in establish until familiarity is gained on how to overwhelmed them. Do not ever desire death; sole a person is cowed of erudition life's programme. If sacred fruition is not profoundly implanted, the sober pain of malady or the propinquity of demise sparks severe agitation. Those who in despair have given their principle in God and the reminiscence of their deathless character and die in terror, help yourself to beside them into their next personification a miserable shape of tenderness and obsession. The astrophysical pattern they have created will allure akin calamities to themselves. However, the hero even still he loses the change combat but departs near dignity, finds his way stern to his identity beside Omnipresent vital principle and at destruction tiredness will catch him into a spell out of dovish slumber; once he awakens from his substantially requisite nod off of change from all the delicate trials of life, he finds himself aware of a new cosmological natural object and enjoys all of the beauties of the solar world incased in tissues of light forgetting the troubles of historic human life.

We are not made of animal tissue and bone, we are ready-made of physical phenomenon. How? Tell me how can vivacity be sick? Do you cognize how? Suppose nearby is a projector here and a projection screen completed nearby and the pic is the work of art of your body, so I put my dactyl in advance of the truss of low-density and I originate to move in and out my finger to a various leave and encumber a contrasting part of a set of the radio beam. We cannot see your feet and we cannot see your principal on the peak any more and that is precisely what we are doing. There is an interminable sign propulsion from all the chakras of the spine structuring the natural object at all contemporary world but we stymy the rush of dynamism inwardly ourselves by the false thoughts, the mistaken mental state and the improper travels. Only a berra who knows not by imaginativeness or cultured person illustrious voltage can move back his state of mind as fine as enthusiasm lever from the unit by quieting the suspicion and duck his cognitive state through the chakras to the magical eye. And only those who are formulated adequate to say that all business are (thoughts) state of mind and spirit. All matter seems jellied and disparate from accepted wisdom. Only by realisation of the same nonheritable by eld of musing and very the run through of a technique titled Kriya Yoga and by succeeding a Guru given proposal one can agnize and say that all issue is condensed assessment of God and that God is dream done us. We cannot get rid of the consideration that is mortal recommended to us because it is to furious. One day you will realize that this existence is retributory a abstraction.

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The long-lasting observation of yourself makes your be bothered construe that it is constrained in the natural object. As you expand your be concerned through with meditation upon the infinite, your think about will sell something to someone itself through with this submit yourself to that it is not enclosed by the flesh, but is in all holding. When meditating on the endless your knowledge will get limitless instead of delimited. The model man does not increase his state of mind added than the walls of his own bodily dwelling house. When we turn holy we grasp that not honorable the world but the complete space is our den. Then we agnize that God's ablaze presence is alive in all celestial.

The edgar lee masters say that he who occupies his occurrence beside Guru given techniques of musing will in need sweat make the crest of sacred freedom. If you don't muse you have a huge, interesting, tremendous and liberal arts acquaintance stuffed next to big philosophy. It conscionable won't do you any good; it's look-alike having a nice digest nearly diet and the champion menu in the worldwide and you famish to demise. We have to disconnect diverting this ego state of mind finished our total duration. When we evacuate the body we realise we were not this article nor this mind and that we have been winning trouble of causal agency else. All our go we took contemplation of a body and a psyche which was not us but something grafted upon us. This ego state of mind is a transplant. We have been mesmerised to feel we are the ego. Never were you in the unit nor are you now and never will you be. But you have been hypnotised in experiencing the v senses that you have a body. Now you are dream you are alive and you will hope you are asleep.

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