I was surfing the transmission the else day once I was bombarded beside absurdities, multiple standards and mature men and women impermanent close to coddled brood. I knew letter-perfect away that I had stumbled upon a group discussion of Congress on one of those wire transmission that all and sundry gets but no one asks for.

This expert session was individual held to determine if the formulation was proper in memos that were conveyed to all member of Congress. The memoranda was entirely designed to acquaint with them that they necessary to be a group discussion active the way they remark material possession.

After I resisted the impulse to club myself near the java table, I began to see what a session of Congress would be like if one of their secretaries asked for a new machine.

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I plan of the chief going to his or her boss, a Congress Person (politically accurate you cognize) and adage that the stapling machine for the place of business was broken and a new one was required.
The Congress Person (CP) would next drawing a letter to other CP who would thieve said memorandum to the adjacent conference and spring it to the cranium CP.

The commander CP would wide-open the floor with a motion for the procurance of a new stapling machine for the CP's head. Before the natural event can be seconded, another CP will stand for up and ask if nearby is an high-fidelity account of what a stapler is.

There will next be a lot of full and low whispers. No one in the whole enclosure will have a explanation of what a stapler is.

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Another CP will afterwards level a movement to instigate a administrative unit whose job it is to find out what a stapling machine is and what occupation it serves.

The movement is seconded. Yet different CP will frame and floor a natural event to have a gain knowledge of organized that will show signs of what personal property the purchase of the machine will have on interior municipality arts school children, the dark-green mambo diapsid and El NINO weather provisions.

Three months later, the committee to selected the committee is finished electing the administrative unit and the joint venture employed to do the become skilled at will enlighten Congress that inner urban university brood will advantage from the purchasing of the stapler, the park mambo snake will unmoving be the fastest arrive diapsid reptile and El NINO weather stipulations will keep on to bestow a ace concealing for foreign landings.
Two time of life later, the administrative unit that was electoral by the committee will tittle-tattle that the account of a stapler is "a manually powered unsubstantial joining tool." The herald CP floors a happening to judge this account of a machine. The happening is seconded and is consecutive into record.

A purchase bidding is packed out by the Congressional purchase demand person, and a discern of bids woman recognised for the purchase of a machine are transmitted out.

Three years, iv months and 21 days subsequently the stapling machine is delivered to the CP's chief. Final cost: $212,567.87
God Bless America.

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