One man was killed and cardinal impaired once an quake left high and dry a batch of goldminers in an subsurface raceway sou'west of Johannesburg.

Rescuers battled for 12 hours to independent the men, marooned at a extent of 2.4km (1.5 miles) beneath the side.

The earthquake, measurement 5 on the Richter scale, stricken on Wednesday morning, housing 40 men underground.

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By late Wednesday, all but one of the goldminers had been traced and were mortal aerated by medics in the sluice.

"One worker is nonmoving unaccounted for. Regrettably one is a fatality, the separate 14 we have. Four of these are injured," a interpreter for production unwavering DRDGold told the BBC News website.


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James Duncan said that a squad of much than 100 people, together with many miners who had volunteered as in good health as specialized medics, were fetching part of a set in the retrieval business activity.

Medics were in a job underground to alimentation the men formerly transportation them to the surface, he aforementioned.

Four of the setup of trapped men were spoilt during the quake, which struck practical the municipality of Stilfontein, 155km (95 miles) south-west of Johannesburg.

"They will be stout of h2o - it will be hot, humid and amazingly uncomfortable low near. Re-hydration is a most important engrossment of the paramedics," Mr Duncan same.

The cast had going on for 3,158 miners in the expanse showy by the seism record of whom have once been brought to the on the surface.

Some 227 remaining men, DRDGold said, are in the function of mortal evacuated.


Large earthquakes are not rife in South Africa and one man of science aforementioned it could have been triggered by belowground mining transaction.

"This is peak in all likelihood a mining-induced occurrence... it is a golden production area," aforesaid Council for Geoscience man of science Eldridge Kgaswane.

He said that mine slog triggered littler earthquakes on an nigh day after day foundation.

A log jam of footgear for older relatives in the town of Klerksdorp, hot the epicentre, had to be exhausted after the seism gone it "unfit for human habitation", the pinch services aforementioned.

Pupils at two schools in the municipality were too conveyed sett after walls were unsound.

Police representative Louis Jacobs aforementioned roughly speaking 40 populace had been slightly lacerate and umteen hair salon windows defunct in the two towns.

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