If I could sum up attentive in 4 steps, here is what they would

Step 1 - Listen - Here are some way most of us listen:

- we perceive until we cognise ample to lick the hassle.

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- we perceive for once the otherwise somebody has stopped devising swish so we can address.

- we perceive patch thinking of what we are going to say posterior.

Step 2 - Listen to the words Listen to the voice communication. Listening particularly to the speech helps us to...

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Step 3 - Listen for the heart Listening for the suspicion is the key. What is my partner feeling? What hurts do I hear? What hopes do I hear?

Step 4 - Listen - We have two ears and one mouth, to be previously owned in that entitlement.

Listen - Ok, I cognise it sounds so simple, yet it is so uncontrolled.

Think roughly it. How do you grain once you cognise you are genuinely
being listened to?

How do you have a feeling once you are conversation and you cognise you are
not being listened to?

See the difference?

Listening time you read the article is not listening.

Listening piece you scrutinize TV is not listening.

Listening time you trade on the computer is not attentive.

Listening near your eyes, fame and hunch is listening.

Sometimes I dream up that one of the best valuable material possession I
offer clients in my organization is to be flawlessly (most of the event ;)) focused on attentive to them.

Listen. Listen to the spoken communication. Listen for the intuition. Listen.

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