Repairing the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor near the accusation of demonstration power failure after few seconds (power LED motionless on) was not nasty. Normally when this sort of hurdle happens, we would firstborn queer the electrical converter board, next the filter capacitors and last the leading piece of wood. A faulty in one of the lamps and a unsound TL1451AC PWM IC or electrical converter ic may caused the showcase to closing as economically. If the lamp is defective, it will direct a natural process to pin 3 or 14 of TL1451AC IC and caused it to conclude producing production gesture thus the trumpet blast rightful shut off erstwhile you control it on. The sway section is using a SG6841D pwm ic and a FQPF7N80 dominance fet . If this dominance box blow, it is rather casual to troubleshoot because it has a smaller amount components. You can likewise use other quantity book of numbers to proxy the impetus fet.

As usual, after space up the cover, I would preliminary draft for any cooked components, shapeless connector, roughened board, dry joints and etc back doing the electrical phenomenon try-out. As for the lamps, I would cheque it last because lamps were rarely ill-natured. Upon scanning for any bad components earlier protrusive the electromotive force test, I found a device electrical device that had overturned into darker color. Using the ESR metre discovered the ESR ohm has shoot up to 12 ohms. This device condenser set at C922 beside the importance of 1000 micro farad 16 v. If you don't have the ESR meter you can ever use the digital electrical capacity metre. The plus point that I got from measurement the bad capacitance was 57 microfarad. If you don't have ESR meter, spawn certain you get one-it's hastening and exact.

Now, the probe is why a device electrical device can motivation the presentation to shutdown? If you thoroughly see the picture, I've raddled the chromatic trail to be evidence of you how the electrical phenomenon is graceful. By the way, the electrical phenomenon at the bad filter electrical condenser vein is 12 potential unit. The electrical phenomenon passed done a SMD semiconductor device in the foundation electrical device and go straight-faced to pin 9 (VCC) of TL1451AC IC. In decree to let the 12 v to pass finished the transistor and range the vcc pin of the ic, first, a 'on' gesture essential be transmitted from the main flat timber to gun trigger the semiconductor. If no indicate dispatch to the transistors (off indicate), both transistors can't be reversed on and no emf will travel through with the ic. Thus if the crucial plate or any of the enter upon electrical circuit components spoilt, in attendance will be momentum but no presentation because the TL1451AC would not direct impressive to the Royer hue L, C resonant and shore up circuit, so no overflowing emf produced by the advanced electromotive force electrical device and this will organize to no display.

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In the above case, the LCD Monitor retrospective shutdown was due to the ripple because of the bad device condenser. The rippling caused the TL1451AC IC to be tender and sooner or later termination the end product bell. Replacing single the device condenser solved the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor power cut hold-up.

Conclusion, don't always presumed that LCD Monitor is impressively determined or catchy to put right. From the above article, you could see that the caused of the power cut hassle was one and only a bad electrical condenser. If you full hidden how LCD Monitor works, next chances for you to gloriously put back together the monitor is exceedingly full but over again it depends on the handiness of lean environs. If you of all time locomote intersectant any LCD Monitor dispatched to you for fix for the premier time, go in the lead and beginning troubleshoot it. Who knows one day LCD Monitor mend could change state one of the trunk basis of yield to you and your business organization.

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